This is a new and refreshing doll line that gives

girls ages 6 and up the opportunity to feel inspired by

amazing women in history!

The ID. Unique girls keep those important women alive

through their unique personalities and talents!

The dolls come with some awesome mash-up fashions, a diary, bracelet, and a kit that helps girls discover their own heritage.


Eldaah is extremely smart and has an answer to everything!

This is no surprise since her ancestor is Kamala Sohonie,

the first woman in India to receive a PhD in science! 

Eldaah loves school, fashion, and new discoveries.

She also enjoys helping students with homework, and she's always there to support her friends!


Bedillia can be a little shy at times although her ancestor was not!

Her ancestor is Qiu Jin, a Chinese revolutionary for women's rights, and an amazing poet.

Bedillia strives for creative writing perfection! She loves poetry and hopes to find courage to get on stage and read it out loud one day! Her friends are always there to encourage her and help her find her voice and be herself!


Faryn is always ready for adventure and exploring!

Her ancestor is Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic!

Faryn is definitely a goofball! Fun, adventure, her compass, and photography are some of her favorite things in life,

and of course, her new friends!


Calliope is very musically inclined and can play any instrument 

she sets her mind to,

and can sing any note you give her!

Her ancestor is Ella Fitzgerald,

"The First Lady of Song", and one of the most beloved Jazz singers of all time. Calliope really loves being involved in school clubs

and running for student council positions. Her favorite instrument is the trumpet and she loves playing music for her friends!

Follow the 4 simple steps with

your parents help to complete

the ID. Unique Spit Kit so that

you can learn about your

heritage and ancestors!

ID. Unique Spit Kit



Use the ID. Unique app to scan your dolls unique bracelet charm to experience

fun activities!

While you wait for your Spit Kit results, you can play games,

or watch webisodes!

When you get you're results, learn all about them on the app!

Use your magnetic bracelet charm to unlock the diary of your dolls ancestor!

The doll will relate and respond to the pages written by her!

Ancestor Diary

Use the Results pages to fill in the results you got from your Spit Kit! Make it as beautiful as your unique self!

Now that you've discovered who your doll is, who her ancestor was, and what makes you, you, make the diary yours!

Write you're story and while you do, use the fun sticker pack in the diary to make it that much more unique!

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